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Why Choose BookTraction?

We understand the intricacies of building a book from ground up alongside expertise in the various areas of book publishing. We have worked on over 300,000 words from the various manuscripts we have received from Clients churning out savvy, sound and powerful books. Our team of writers, storytellers, editors, designers, proofreaders, printers deliver successful and stellar projects with their A-game competencies.


We convert messages to books. We take what's existing either in written or audio form and make them into global standard books. Also we develop your ideas into books.

Professionals /Entrepreneurs

We know authority, attention and influence is key to you. And without dispute, having your personalized and customized book does this for you. So whether you have an idea waiting to be born into reality or materials (masterclasses, zoom sessions and others) to turn into books, we are diligently at your service to make your books realities.


Every child has a story to tell. Fairy tales, comics, fiction, non-fiction, adventure- these are all unique forms of expression for you. And we know how to make all your stories, existing manuscripts and raw ideas into exciting, stellar and compelling books for you to share with the world.

About us

What is BookTraction?

Book Traction is a global writing, storytelling and publishing agency that writes and publishes books for Pastors, professionals, entrepreneurs and children. We also do compelling storytelling for brands.

300,000+ words worked on

Words are our delight. Line upon line and sentence upon sentence is our focus on projects done.

Our Services


Words are intimate and delicate. Therefore, we ensure that your ideas, stories and knowledge are communicated clearly, soundly and compellingly.

Brand Storytelling

Your brand should be the center picture of every eye. We daily interact with brands and we know how to create riveting content and capturing stories of different sorts turning prospects into clients and clients into lifelong consumers. We make this happen exclusive for your brand.

Proofreading & Editing

Sentence errors, clutters, wordiness, fragments, punctuation mishaps are terrible drawbacks to a well- executed project- either a book, brand story or otherwise. These red flags are details we pay attention to for your desired project to be global standard.


Eyes must see it; Ears must hear it; Hands must feel it. These triple objectives are things we zero-in when promoting your written and allied projects.

Marketing & Sales

A best-selling project-either a book, brand story or otherwise- counts. This is why we implement proven marketing and sales systems that give traction for your works.


From start to finish, our quality and current technologies deliver printed books and allied materials that attract customer purchases.

Our Why?

BookTraction is about transforming the core of millions of people's lives (their minds) through well-written and best-selling books alongside meaningful allied projects.

Core values





Our Wonder W’s

We are Creative.

We are Committed.

We are Intentional.

We are Detailed.

Our Best Gift

Our Team and You-Our Client.

Agboola Matuluko

"Thank you for a very good rewrite"

Muyiwa Akinyele

"Appreciate the effort and dedication"

Femi Olunuga

"May God continue to prosper Book Traction in Jesus Name, Amen"

Sola Obabori

"This is good work. The whole process from rewriting, design, proofreading, editing up to publishing is Professional"



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  • What is Book Traction?

    Book Traction is a global writing, storytelling and publishing agency that writes and publishes books for Clergypersons, professional, entrepreneurs and children. We also do compelling storytelling for brands.

  • Converting already existing materials into books takes 1-2 months.

    Developing contents from scratch into books takes 1-5 months.

    Creating compelling and consumer branded stories for brands and corporate entities takes 1-4 months.

  • Projects for us are win-win all the way. As our client, we require commitment and feedback when necessary. Projects sometimes require frequent calls, zoom sessions or physical meetings to gain utmost clarity on what you desire in your head and heart turned into reality.

  • Your needs are unique and this keeps our minds and hearts thinking on making your choices simple and easy. Kindly look through our price offers to see what fits.

    If you are confused on any offer, kindly reach us on our helplines or fill our chat form. We will gladly lead you along the way to have your dreams fulfilled.

  • Payments differ.

    For non-related Content Development/Ghostwriting projects, we take 50% initial deposit to get the work started. And the balance is paid upon completion.

    For monthly projects especially those related with content development, payment is made monthly till the end of the project.

    For brands, payments are stipulated in contracts.

  • For book publishing package, you have full ownership rights to your work as the author. Also, we deliver to you a sound royalties contracts detailing enormous gains you get from your book. Furthermore, we know a well written book is not the final goal. It must be a best-selling book. So, we implement a circulated distribution model helping your book to be seen and sold.


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